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The village of chiorio, municipality of lago (cs

Find all the information of Lago or click on the section of your choice in the left menu. Update data. Want to contact the Administration of Lago? Here are all the details of Lago available below. Locate simply the city of Lago through the card, map and satellite image of the city. The City of Lago has international agreements with its different pairings.

Our team has selected for you a list of hotel in Lago classified by value for money. Book your hotel room at the best price. Lago Number of inhabitants 2, population Lago Population Density Lago Geographical coordinates Latitude: San Pietro in Amantea 4.

Find below the times of sunrise and sunset calculated 7 days to Lago. Day Sunrise and sunset Twilight Nautical twilight Astronomical twilight 21 February - - - - - 22 February - - - - - 23 February - - - - - 24 February - - - - - 25 February - - - - - 26 February - - - - - 27 February - - - - - It offers classic-style accommodation and an Italian sweet breakfast. Salice Belmonte Calabro Apartment Loc. Salice is located in Belmonte Calabro. This apartment offers a panoramic sea view and can accommodate up to six guests.

The seaside is 3 km from the inn. Lamezia Terme Airport is 35 km away.

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Rooms feature a private balcony, air conditioning, and a TV with satellite channels Piano di Potame 4. Find us on Facebook. Follow on Twitter. Piazza Matteotti Lago Italia. Comune Italia : Lago. Latitude: Naples km.It is located 42 kilometers from the city of Cosenza. Lago is located in the mountainous interior of the Cosenza Province, near the slopes of Monte Cocuzzo. Despite being sited in mountainous territory, the higher elevations of the city offer views of the nearby coastline, including Stromboli.

It regularly snows in Lago in the winter. The pre-historic tribe living in Cosenza called themselves the "Itali" and it was from them where Italy drew its name.

the village of chiorio, municipality of lago (cs

They called their land, "Viteliu," which means "land of the life-giving calf. Around B.

The Village of Vasci

Its position — near the Greek and Carthaginian ports, home to a conquering tribe of Lucanians and Brettians, and with decent relations with Rome and the Etruscan cities, meant that it enjoyed great wealth. The Bretti minted elaborate coins, which are sought-after by collectors. The Bretti and Lucanians were stubborn resistors of Greek culture. Greeks had colonized the coastal cities of Sicily and Southern Italy, but the Bretti and Lucanians refused to yield.

In a battle near Lago, the combined native force defeated his army and killed him. The Bretti declined in power precipitously after making bad choices against the Roman Republic.

After they sided with Hannibal in the Second Punic WarRome confiscated half of their territory, and insisted on the right to clear cut their forests, which ended up supplying the timber and pitch for Roman fleets.

Rome began settling the families of veteran soldiers in the Cosenza area. In addition, much the neighboring territory of Amantea proper was given to the Roman people as public land — anyone could homestead there and grow crops. Finally, the Romans also likely located a small military base near Lago, in modern Aiello Calabro.

What was likely a small settlement of Romano-Bretti stock existed through the Dark Ages and was not augmented significantly until A. In that year, the Saracens sacked the city of Cosenza, driving the inhabitants into the mountainous interior. The small hamlets around Cosenza saw a population explosion.

It is near this date that Lago is first mentioned in copious documents, as the Latin "Lacum. In the early Middle AgesLago was located in what was likely a border region.Province : Cosenza. Distance from the chief town Cosenza : 42 chilometri.

Inhabitants : 2, Istat Denomination : Laghitani. In the previos day there were cases, thus having a variation of 6 casesi. Please follow this link for updated information on Covid including new cases and percentage changes for the whole of Italy, regions and individual provinces. Geographic data: Surface : 49,96 square kilometers. Height above sea level: meters. Height: 1. Altimetric difference: 1. Population and Statistical data: Population density: 62,17 inhabitants per square kilometer.

Population on 3. Families: 1. Medium value of the components of a generic family: 2,79 people. Most recent data about Population: On January, 1 there where 2, inhabitants in Lago, 1, males and 1, females. There where 15 inhabitants less than one year old 13 males and 2 females and 2 inhabitants being one-hundred years old or more 1 males and 1 females.

Foreign citizens: On January 1, were resident in Lago 46 foreign citizens, 14 of whom males and 32 females. On December 31 of the same year were resident in Lago 45 foreign citizens, 34 of whom males and 11 females, thus being the 1.

For the sake of simplicity we will us the term of Lago. In Lago live one thousand, two hundred and fifty people: five hundred and eighty-three are males and six hundred and sixty-seven are females. There are five hundred and sixty-six singles two hundred and eighty-nine males and two hundred and seventy-seven females. There are five hundred and seven people married, and fourteen people legally separed.

There are also eleven divorced people and one hundred and fifty-two widows and widowers. In Lago live fourteen foreigners, one are males and thirteen are females.Town Councils. Local companies. Our advertisers. Celibes 3D. Married Males 3D. Divorced Males 3D. Widowers 3D. Nubiles 3D. Married Females 3D. Diverced Females 3D.

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Widows 3D. San Pietro in Amantea CS 4. The number in parentheses indicates the distance in kilometers between the village and the municipality of Lago. Home Our services Share the page Italiano.

Lago, Calabria

Back to the province of Cosenza. Istat Previous years: 2. E-Mail comunedilago libero. In the territory of Lago also rise the villages of Aria dei Lupi 3,72 kmAria di Lupi 2,82 kmCafosa 2,29 kmCase sparse -- kmChiorio 3,51 kmFontanella 1,31 kmForesta 20,03 kmGreci 2,17 kmMargi 1,28 kmPalomandro 3,85 kmParagieri 0,91 kmPiscopie 1,64 kmPonticelle 2,05 kmPorcili 2,79 kmRovettara 1,91 kmRovettari 2,01 kmSangineto 4,58 kmScavolio 3,54 kmTerrati 3,94 kmVasci 3,09 kmVersaggi 3,14 kmZaccanelle 2,45 km.

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Pec: amministrativo. Incomes: People incomes in Lago. Municipal revenue: Municipal revenue in Lago. Municipal expenditures: Municipal expenditures in Lago.

Celibes Celibes 3D. Married Males Married Males 3D. Divorced Males 14 Divorced Males 3D. Widowers 30 Widowers 3D. Nubiles Nubiles 3D. Married Females Married Females 3D. Diverced Females 22 Diverced Females 3D. Widows Widows 3D.Pharmacies Data about the village of Vasci. The village of Vasci belongs to the municipality of Lagoin the province of Cosenzaregion Calabria.

The village of Vasci is 2,26 kilometers far from the same town of Lago to whom it belongs. For the province of Cosenza, to whom Vasci belongs, on are reported cases. In the previos day there were cases, thus having a variation of 6 casesi. Please follow this link for updated information on Covid including new cases and percentage changes for the whole of Italy, regions and individual provinces.

To the municipality of Lago also belong the localities of Aria dei Lupi 3,72 kmAria di Lupi 2,82 kmCafosa 2,29 kmCase sparse -- kmChiorio 3,51 kmFontanella 1,31 kmForesta -- kmGreci 2,17 kmMargi 1,28 kmPalomandro 3,85 kmParagieri 0,91 kmPiscopie 1,64 kmPonticelle 2,05 kmPorcili 2,79 kmRovettara 1,91 kmRovettari 2,01 kmSangineto 4,58 kmScavolio 3,54 kmTerrati 3,94 kmVersaggi 3,14 kmZaccanelle 2,45 km.

The number in parentheses following each village name indicate the distance between the same village and the municipality of Lago. Data about population living in Vasci In the village of Vasci live sixteen people: ten are males and six are females.

There are seven singles five males and two females. There are eight people married, and zero people legally separed. There are also zero divorced people and one widows and widowers.

In Vasci live two foreigners, one are males and one are females. There are in Vasci sixteen people in school age, ten are males and six females. There are in Vasci 3 people aged 15 years or more. There are 3 males aged 15 years or more, 3 are employed and 0 were previously employed but now are unemployed and seeking for a new job. There are 0 females aged 15 years or more, 0 are employed and 0 s were previously employed but now are unemployed and seeking for a new job. Please find in what follows a table showing the number of families along with the number of people for each family.

There are 9 famiglie living in Vasci. There are in Vasci 8 buildings, but only 8 are used. Among the 8 buildings for residential use 8 were build using bricks of tuffs, 0 were built in concrete and 0 were built using other materials like steel, wood and so on. Among the 8 buildings for residential use 0 are in excellent condition, 8 are in good conditions, 0 are in mediocre conditions and 0 are in bad conditions.

In the following three tables the buildings built for residential use in Vasci are classified by building year, by floors number and by rooms number. Weather and weather forecast for the municipality of Lago, to whom Vasci belongs. Map and road map of Vasci A selection of videos about Vasci. In the hamlet of Vasci there is no bank.The eparchy is part of the Italo-Albanian Catholic Church.

Lungro is also part of the largest nature reserve in Italy, the Pollino National Park. It is bordered to the east by the municipality of Saracenato the south by Firmo and Altomonteand to the northwest by Acquaformosa.

The landscape is mostly mountainous towards the north, with beech and chestnut groves, while vineyards and fields are in the southern part. Lungro was founded in the second half of the 15th century CE by ethnic Albanian settlers, and developed around a Basilian monastery on lands that had been granted in from feudal landowner Ogerio del Vasto Altomonte. The Albanians who migrated were housed in the area around They were welcomed by Abbot Paul with the approval of Prince of Bisignano, Geronimo Sanseverino, when Albanian resistance led and organized by George Castriot or Skanderbeg against the Ottoman conquest dissipated shortly thereafter his death in Following these events the most significant migration of Albanians was recorded in Italy and led to the foundation of Lungro.

In the Basilian monastery was abandoned, after helping the fugitives through a period of deep crisis. It became available to the Commandery Pontiff and the inhabitants of Lungro were able to resist all attempts by the feudal lords to control civil jurisdiction and policy.

In the second half of the 17th century and the 18th century, fighting intensified between the baronial families of Sanseverino Altomonte and Pescara Saracen. Many political clashes occurred over the acquisition of certain rights of barons' fiefs.

Over the years, age-old religious conflicts intensified between the Byzantine rite Albanians and the Latin rite of the neighboring populations. Many priests were imprisoned Albanians from the practice of the Eastern rite, but Lungresi gathered around them and fought to maintain their religious identity. From Albanians of Lungro tenaciously undertook the defense of its Greek-Byzantine liturgical ritebecause, coming from Southern Albaniathey were under the jurisdiction of the Patriarch of Constantinople.

For centuries, thanks to the work of the Byzantine Church, they retained their own rite. The name "Lungru" appears for the first time in history around the 12th century. The etymology of "Lungrum" or "Ugrium" seems to refer to the specific humidity of its territory. This hypothesis is supported also by the name of the ancient monastery of the hamlet of Lungro, was rapidly gaining prestige and soon became one of the most important spiritual centers of Byzantine and Greek culture.

The traditional architecture of Albania is mostly circular in shape. Most buildings in Lungro were built around a square with a circular facade.

All openings were to the main square. Each cluster of houses was a district whose name was derived from elements in the area: Kastieli a castleBregu coast of the hill slopeKonxa Icon - presence of the Church of Santa Maria of Constantinople with the icon of the Madonna.

The church has a square shape, reflecting the canons of the Byzantine rite, the first built by the AlbaniansShin LLiri Church of St. ElijahKriqi crucifixAbbots at one time, the Abbey of St. The village centers around two central squares along a path crossing that connects to the outside. It is located in the slope, filling a compact but irregular shape. It is characterized by buildings of popular roots, in urban and rural areas, including housing units and small chapels.

Among the narrow streets of the historic district, architectural types are distinguished by gjitonia neighborhoods and doors of medieval and ancient palaces. The gjitonia is a sector of the district, forming a social group with its own rules.

The area retains architectural, religious and civil structures, as well as small industrial facilities. These remnants reflect symbolic "protection" in the region, particularly of shrines like those of St. Leonard and St. Elias on the streets of the same name. To commemorate the mines of rock salt, a monument-stage course of Skanderbeg representing miners at work has been established, next to the town house. A museum of the salt mine was created that is complete with costumes, tools, artifacts and writings of the time.Why must I pay big fees to a financial adviser to move my pension.

the village of chiorio, municipality of lago (cs

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the village of chiorio, municipality of lago (cs

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